Partner program - Capital for the Club

We want to support the clubs and academies, that`s why we created an affiliate program "Capital for the club", which is an initiative aimed at funding the clubs and academies.

The main idea

Underfunding youth football clubs is a problem with which the coaches have to face every day. Often sees a situation in which teams must give up the invitations to international tournaments held abroad, due to lack of funds for the trip. Everyday life is also a lack of equipment or lack of uniform clothing players. Affiliate program "Capital for the club" in an initiative aimed at funding clubs and academies, by implementation Club Management System - ProTrainUp.

How does it work?

The premise of this program is to transfer 90% of the club paid by the club or parents for access to the system ProTrainUp. By signing the agreement with ProTrainUp, the club becomes the administrator of logins and slogans for parents and players. The annual cost of access for the player and two parents, it is depending on the selected license between 15 EUR to 25 EUR. Club obviously may waive the fees from parents and players for access to the system.

Converting this amount in the context of the whole football academy, which has for example 400 players, the amount you receive under the "Capital for the club" begins to be significant. Assuming that the club gets a 15 euro per year for access, it is close to 6 000 euro per year. ProTrainUp once a year issue an invoice in the amount of 10% of the amount collected from parents. The remaining funds are the property of the club.

However, participation in the partnership program requires coaches conscientious work and commitment in conducting an online diary. We must remember that the diary is a property of the club, which for years will store the knowledge and information gained during previous seasons.


Who and what gets?

For this project, everyone gain, and in particular, clubs and football academies. Firstly, they have an insight into the work of their coaches, they can communicate with them, establish a training plan, and create a common base of training. Another key issue is to obtain additional funds by using ProTrainUp - as we wrote above.

Parent receives insight into statistics, attendance and test results of their child. Thanks to this, he is able to monitor the progress in the career of his protégé. After each season, for the player is generated the individual card`s achievements and statistics at the club. Thanks to this a player enters into a professional football career with the full history of their previous achievements.

Are you interested in?

If you are interested in implementing in your club or academy, Dedicated Management System Club - ProTrainUp, please refer to the available licenses. The prices of such licenses, starting at 49 euros a month, ending at 375 euros a month. It is easy to calculate that by opting for paid access for parents and players, in a fast way, you are able to finance the implementation of the system to a club or academy.

Do you have more questions?

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